Joint Call 2010-2013 (JC2)

The 2nd Joint Call for Proposals of the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme titled “Sustainable competitive processing and end-use concepts for forest based industries“ was launched in November 2009. By the call deadline (Feb 23, 2010 there were submitted 38 proposals of which 9 projects were selected for funding. The projects were run between the years 2010 and 2013.

Below the projects listed under the research areas, for each project there is a brief overview and a copy of the final report.

The original Call Text is available here (pdf).

Area 1. Improving the performance of energy and resource efficient timber construction (massive or light-weight, new construction or renovation concepts) with new concepts, tools and processes considering total building performance

Acuwood – Acoustics in wooden buildings

ECO2 – Wood in carbon efficient construction

smartTES – Innovation in timber construction for the modernisation of the building envelope

Area 2. Creating new business opportunities through innovative wood and fibre-based products and composites with properties optimised to the end use requirements and sustainable use of resources

Lilo – High Impact Lignin-Cellulose-Composites for Logistics – Development of advanced lignin-cellulose-composites with high impact properties for modular pallets and components for transport systems

  • Overview pdf
  • Final report pdf

MouldPulp – Development of Durable, Fully Bio-Based Thermoplastic Composites from Bioplastics and Pulp Fibres for Injection Moulding Applications

Area 4. Increasing the competitiveness of the forest-based value chain by strategic technology renewal, new business strategies and production systems

CTPro – New forest industry production systems based on high-speed CT scanning

HI-FRETECH – High-frequency impregnation of wood

  • Overview pdf
  • Final report pdf

WoodSens – Knowledge-based processing of wood-based panels for better products quality and safety

Area 5. Optimising end-of-life of wood based products considering their total life cycle

DEMOWOOD – Optimisation of material recycling and energy recovery from waste and demolition wood in different value chains