Seminar 11 Nov 2014

Final seminar of the Joint Call on sustainable forest management and optimised use of lignocellulosic resources at the status conference ”10 years ERA-NET Bioenergy”

Date: November 11th 2014
Place: Saal 3 B in the Convention Center, Saalebene Energy Decentral, Hanover, Germany

In 2010, two ERA-Nets jointly launched a call for R&D proposals. For WoodWisdom-Net it was the 3rd, for ERA-NET Bioenergy the 5th joint call. Now the final results of the projects funded under this call were presented at the status conference “10 years ERA-NET Bioenergy” in Hanover, Germany, on November 11th. The conference was organised in the frame of the international trade fair for innovative energy supply, Energy Decentral.

The conference brought together more than 50 selected key members of the agroforestry sector to showcase the results of innovative projects in the fields of sustainable forest management, optimised use of lignocellulosic resources, biogas production and energy crops. The conference was also to take a policy view of the sector and discuss strategic direction, suitability and use of ERA-Nets for the agroforestry sector.

For WoodWisdom-Net, the final seminar of the Joint Call for Proposals was the 7th in a series of programme seminars that started with the Opening Seminar of the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme in Berlin in February 2008. In 2006,the ERA-Net WoodWisdom-Net initiated the joint transnational WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme. As a result of the four WoodWisdom-Net calls, 62 transnational research projects, amounting to total project costs of around 80M€, have been jointly funded by the WoodWisdom-Net partners so far.


A detailed programme (incl. parallel sessions) is presented here. All the presentations and a summary of the day with comments and statements are now available online on the ERA-NET Bioenergy website.


Ms Carina Lemke, ERA-NET Bioenergy Call Secretariat,
Mr Mika Kallio, WoodWisdom-Net Project Secretariat,

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